As a solo business owner, time management is critical. Unfortunately, a lot of small business owners fall into the trap of wasting hours and hours on admin jobs that shouldn’t require such a big time investment. Tasks, like invoicing, insurance, and quoting, are necessary for all solo business owners, but most sole traders spend large chunks of time on these tasks when they can be easily automated.

Instead of falling into a pit of frustration every time tax rolls around or pulling your hair out at the thought of preparing and sending invoices to your clients, you can use Solo & Smart to automate the process and win back your time. Once your admin systems are automated, you will be well on your way to achieving the freedom and lifestyle that every sole trader dreams of.

Here are the 5 biggest admin problems facing solo business owners and what you can do to win back your time.

Win back your time by:


  • Invoicing. Having a smooth, consistent invoicing process not only impresses your clients, but it also saves you a mountain of work at tax time. Rather than sorting through paper invoices or trawling through your emails looking for past invoices, Solo & Smart uses cloud-based software to store and send all your invoices. The simple template allows you to create a new invoice in minutes on any device from any location for a simple and effective solution.



  • Tracking Your Expenses. It is vital for every solo business owner to know their numbers. You need to know exactly how much money is coming in and out of your business so you can make smart decisions. The Solo & Smart app’s free expenses tracker allows you to keep a close eye on your numbers, with an easy to use interface and updated reports that show your finances in real-time.



  • Tax and Accounts. The dreaded tax time is particularly frustrating for small business owners who have to spend hours sorting through receipts and documents when they should be running their business. That’s why an automated system is so important. The free Solo & Smart app stores all your invoices and expense reports from the previous financial year, saving you tens of hours while ensuring your statement is accurate.



  • Insurance. Having the proper insurance and maintaining your protection is incredibly important for solo business owners in all industries. If your business runs into trouble, a solid insurance policy will reduce your liability and save you thousands of dollars. Solo & Smart features an integrated ‘pay as you go’ insurance plan so you can enjoy the peace of mind that your business is always secure.



  • Quoting. Have you ever made a sale, only for it to fall through the next day when you send the quote? Once the client has shown interest, sending the quote as soon as possible improves your chances of securing their business. That’s why quick, accurate quoting is so important. Solo & Smart’s streamlined quoting process allows you to send professional quotes in minutes, helping you to win more business.



The less time spent on stressful admin tasks means more time for you to spend with family, looking after clients, or getting more work done. No matter where you choose to direct the hours you’ll save, the result will be a better business and an improved lifestyle. The free Solo & Smart app allows you to take control of every admin task from invoicing and quoting so you can enjoy a more efficient and less time-consuming operation.


The Solo & Smart App is free to use and available on the Apple and Android app stores. To get started click here.