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Self-employed individuals have the lowest rate of survival and the highest rate of tax debt than any other type of business, we are on a mission to change the game for individuals in business.

We believe that self-employment gives people the power to take control of their working life and provide services that make a real difference.

Join us for this free 45-min web event as we discuss the best practices for self-employed success that we have learnt from over 15 years of working with thousands of self-employed individuals around Australia.

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Thursday 8th September – 10:30am to 11:15am

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Make the most of your self-employed journey

Being your own boss is all about having  the freedom, flexibility and control to do it your own way.

Start Smart

Learn 7 simple steps to get started in self-employment without getting bogged down.

  • Getting started

  • Simple setup

  • Minimise expenses

Money Smart

Learn the 5 essential elements of managing your money in self-employment.

  • Simple structures

  • Creating consistency

  • Saving for the essentials

Stay Smart

Design your self-employment journey the way you want it to run.

  • Planning your journey

  • Understanding your responsibilities

  • Design your growth

Who is this event for?

If you’re self-employed in the Disability Services industry or looking to start, this free 45-min web event is designed to pack a tonne of value into a short space of time and is well worth getting involved.

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Presented By

Patrick Harrison

Patrick has over 12 years experience working with self-employed professionals around Australia. He runs multiple businesses and has helped thousands of individuals to implement his systems in their business. With degrees in law and business, Patrick has created a simple and structured approach to business with a proven record for success. Having delivered services to participants, service providers and care workers, Patrick has a strong understanding of the disability services industry.

What our clients say about us

Mark Dowsett

Dawgy Walks & Daycare

“Since starting my new business, the Solo and Smart app, has made this process tremendously streamlined and now I don’t spend any more than 60 mins over the whole week on admin.”

Stephen Weis

Surface restoration and industrial cleaning

“I’ve been in business for 15 years and Solo & Smart has finally enabled me to save money. It’s the best business decision I’ve made, and I haven’t looked back ever since.”

Who are we?

Solo and Smart is a best-in-class money management system designed specifically for self-employed individuals. Our app has been developed through working with thousands of self-employed professionals to identify the key drivers of success.

We believe that when business and lifestyle combine, everything changes. There is no greater challenge than running a business on your own and those who take the leap deserve the lifestyle and success they dream of.

Our mission is to dramatically improve the success rate of the self-employed through a simple and structured approach to business.

Date & Time

Thursday 8th September

10:30am – 11:15am

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